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Products Offered by Fibretech; 

-ME 304 (Stainless Steel Fibres reinforce monolithic refractories against thermal and mechanical shock by reducing cracking and spalling susceptibility, for gunned, shotcrete and vibecast linings).

-ME 310 (ME310 is a high strength corrosion resistant Fibre
that performs in extreme conditions up to 1200 ⁰C).

-ME 330 (Premium grade Fibre built for the toughest of conditions to help increase durability and life cycle of the refractory).

Petrochemical Product Uses; 

-Regenerator Transfer Lines 

-Transfer Lines 

-FCCU (Fluidised Catalytic Cracker Unit) 

-FCCU Risers and Regenerators 

(all produced to Exxon, BP and Honeywell UOP standards).



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