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Fibretech Europe

We are pleased to announce the opening of our European Service Centre, Fibretech Europe (FTE). 

Which operates as an extension of the Fibretech brand, with established operations across mainland Europe. FTE demonstrates our commitment to continue investment in Europe, support our European partners and provide first-class service to our customers.

Our latest investment includes the opening of our largest warehouse in Europe, located in Lombardy Italy. This site will join our existing facilities in Austria to provide extensive warehousing ang logistical operations in mainland Europe, servicing clients within the Refractory, Automotive & Construction industries, delivering a just-in-time solution to EU customers.

Blue image of Austria showing location of Fibretech Europe Warehouse
Blue Image of Italy showing location of Fibretech Warehouse
Close-up of Fibretech Stainless Steel ME Fibres
Skyline of Warehouse Building

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