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Fibre Technology Ltd.

Fibre Technology (Fibretech) is a world leading manufacturer in Rapid Solidification Technology (RST) for the production of stainless-steel fibres and filaments. With more than 40 years of research and development, Fibretech has made novel advances to the traditional RST process, to develop i-melt® - a unique advancement in RST that allows us to consistently produce high-grade materials for use in a wide-range of applications. We have an extensive history of collaboration with world-leading partners across several global industries, which is key to our continuous development approach of enhancing the Fibretech product range and exceeding the demands of the most challenging applications in a variety of industry sectors, Including: • Automotive • Petroleum Refining • Refractories • Steel • Mining & Tunnelling • Ferrous & Nonferrous Metal Producers • Aerospace • Civil Engineering • Power Generation • Cement Production • Incineration We embrace a culture of continuous improvements through R&D, driving innovation and unrivalled manufacturing expertise. Fibretech’s unique manufacturing processes allow us to produce a range of our stainless-steel fibres, tailored to the customers’ specific requirement. Our innovative processes allow us to produce custom designed fibres with enhanced properties in desired fields for niche applications. We have a series of established distribution centres throughout mainland Europe for quick and seamless delivery of all our premium grade Fibres. Through our technology division, Fibretech is committed to researching all aspects of both product and process development, supplying technological solutions for our customers’ needs. Working closely with leading institutions including, University of Loughborough, University of Cambridge, DIFK, Orton and MIT, we have access to world-leading academics and a wide range of state-of-the-art testing facilities. Our commitment to investment in R&D has led to several innovations, with a product development in new applications for fibres and continuous filaments in a variety of industries. We are excited to continue our investment in these innovations, which will lead Fibretech in new markets and offer a series of products that will result in market-changing advancements for the use of stainless-steel fibres and filaments.

Close-up of Fibretech Stainless Steel Fibres
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Fibre Technology Ltd

Brookhill Industrial Estate,

Pinxton, Nottingham,

NG16 6NT, UK

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