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Products offered by Fibretech; 

-Microtex Automotive (lightweight, acoustic absorption material for high temperature automotive exhaust systems). Material can be purchased with next day delivery through our E-commerce site: Microtex-Automotive

-Fibrecore (lightweight stainless steel faceplates and a porous steel fibrous core, can be modelled and adjusted to give different weight, strength, energy absorption and acoustic properties).

-Fibresheet (consists of a sintered Fibre network of stainless steel Rapid Solidification Technology Fibres. Applications include burners, exhaust baffles, noise and particulate filtration, heat exchangers and thermal insulation).

Automotive Product Uses; 

-Bespoke Exhaust Systems 

-Structural Parts 

-Titanium lightweight/batteries

-Crumple Zones 

-Body Panels

-Fuel Tanks

-Lead Acid Batteries

Users of Microtex;

-BMW / Mini


-Daimler/ Mercedes


-Jaguar/ Land rover



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