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Fibretech are the world's leader in direct cast metal fibre products. Fibres are exclusively manufactured by Fibre Technology Ltd. a UK-based specialist company that has consistently led the world in rapidly-solidified metal fibre products.
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Product: Fibrecore™
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“As strong as Steel, as light as Aluminium…”

Fibrecore™ is a new Ultra-Light, composite stainless steel from FIBRETECH, combining:

  • Light-weight
  • High strength
  • High Stiffness
  • High energy absorption
  • High noise and vibration damping properties

Fibrecore fibre arrangement Fibrecore composite structure featuring very thin faceplates and Fibretech’s unique rapidly solidified fibres.

Image Courtesy of: Cambridge University Materials Science Department

By combining stainless steel face plates with a stainless steel fibre core, Fibrecore™ offers the strength of Steel for the weight of Aluminium.

Fibrecore flexural stiffness
Stiffness of Fibrecore compared with other metals and steel. Fibrecore offers very high stiffness increases for relatively small increases in density; important for light weight structures.

Image Courtesy of: Cambridge University Materials Science Department

Launched in 2006, but developed by Fibretech over 6 years in conjunction with Cambridge University (UK), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), CMI (UK) and Volvo Technology Transfer (Sweden) and Defence Science and Technology Laboratories (UK), Fibrecore™ is a new-material solution for the Automotive, Military and Aerospace industries.

Fibrecore photograph Fibre orientation distributions of Fibrecore fibres using X-Ray tomography. The core properties can be adjusted to make the sheet more isotropic or anisotropic depending on the application requirements. A model to predict these properties has been developed by Cambridge University.
Image Courtesy of: Cambridge University Materials Science Department

Fibrecore™ is a diffusion-bonded composite of lightweight stainless steel faceplates and a porous steel fibre core . Together these materials offer a combination of advantages unlike any other composite, steel or metal currently available. The faceplates and core can be modelled and adjusted to give different weight, strength, energy absorption and acoustic properties.

Fibrecore image
Ballistic performance of multi-layered Fibrecore sheets and the ongoing model development to predict impact properties

Image Courtesy of: DSTL

Fibrecore™ can be drilled, milled, pressed, punched and welded.

Fibrecore microscopic deformation
Spot weld nugget and modelling of this process developed by Cambridge University and TWI (The Welding Institute, UK). Fibrecore can also be TIG and MIG welded successfully without the need for post weld heat treatment.

Image Courtesy of: Cambridge University and TWI

Fibrecore box section and box section deformation
Fibrecore box-section. Pressed to 90°, and welded. Fibrecore’s deformation characteristics are also predictable.

Image Courtesy of: DSTL

Fibrecore™ is currently available to order in a range of sizes up to 0.5m x 1.5m. For prototyping and testing Fibrecore™ is also available off-the-shelf as 0.2m x 0.2m trial-sheets.

Fibrecore sheet material
5, 10 and 20 layer Fibrecore for improved impact energy absorption. The product has been milled around the edges to improve surface finish.

[Left image] Courtesy of: DSTL

To order, or for a quote contact us.

For more information on the development of Fibrecore™ visit these websites;


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